NEA2 Food Resources for Teachers

For Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE


NEA2 Food Resources – an introduction from Jenny…

Hello and welcome to our NEA2 Food resources for Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE NEA1 and NEA2

We’ve made some video links to show how to use the Nutrition Program for NEA 2 for your practical task where you need to research and plan three dishes to cook and serve. You have to produce a portfolio to support the practical exam and this includes your research, charts and graphs.

Good luck in the exam and I hope you find the video clips useful to support your portfolio work.

How can the Nutrition Program help NEA 2?

During your Research for the Task you need to select a range of dishes. You can find the nutritional value of your dishes, look at the costing and see how healthy they are using the program. Some tasks ask for healthy dishes and the program shows coloured traffic lights to help you choose.

You need to know about portion sizes and portion control so you can use the program to see how many calories are in your portions. If this energy value is too high, change some of the ingredients or increase the portion servings.

You can see your recipe costings in the program and change the costs if you have found cheaper or more expensive ingredients that shown. Finally you need to carry out sensory analysis of your finished dishes and we have a Star Profile to show your tasting results, with an Evaluation chart to comment on the taste and flavour.

NEA2 Food Resources

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Food Preparation Assessment Task


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