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Food Preparation Assessment NEA2

NEA 2 Powerpoint AQA


Powerpoint includes:

50 slides to show Step by Step how to carry out Food Preparation and Nutrition Assessment Task 2 – using AQA specification and mark scheme. We take you through a worked example and focus on issues that students might find challenging

Powerpoint includes:

Showcase your cooking skills

How to carry out Research

Demonstrate your technical skills – look at the 12 Key Technical Skills

Worked through examples showing how to identify the skills

Trialling ideas and upskilling to improve marks

Planning the final menu – how to justify choices

Dovetailing tasks for final time plan

Creating coloured time plans

NEA2 Food Resources

Food Preparation Assessment Task


Food Preparation Assessment Task


Food Preparation Assessment NEA 2


Food Investigations Star Profile NEA1


Food Investigation Tasks NEA 1


The Nutrition Program